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Many years back, during my active career, I had an eye opening experience that lead to a fascination of the capacity of the human body. This made me questioning how most of us hockey players are training to become better. My strong belief is that we are not challenging our technical skills enough, and don’t realize that you can improve strength, endurance and quickness by refining your movements. The questioning of our training methods led me in to the development of the Marsblade Roller Frame. Here’s how it all began.

Hockey Teg - Arboga
Playing for Teg in Swedens 2nd division

It all started when I was playing juniors in Lincoln, Nebraska in the USHL. Our goalie prepared him self before every practice by using stability balls. It looked like a fun challenge to manage to stand on it so I started to do it as a warm up before every practice, and I continued the following summer before every gym session.

After I managed to stand up on it I raised the bar to challenge myself even more. I soon managed to jump up on it, do squats with 80 pounds and even jump from one ball to another. I will give you video proof later :-). When I got back on the ice that fall I couldn’t believe how confident I felt in every aspect of my game. I felt stronger, quicker, better control and more energy effective (lasted longer). It was an amazing wow-experience!

Team picture with SHL team Brynäs

The following off ice season, during one of my first gym sessions, I did dead lifts without a proper warm up and strained my back pretty bad. But stubborn as I was, I finished the session, doing deep squats and hang cleans. Needless to say I was having trouble getting out of bed the next morning. Not smart… And the madness didn’t stop there. Instead of visiting a physician and start with rehab to get my back into shape, I ignored it. I couldn’t lift any heavy weights, do any sprints or jumps the whole summer but I thought I had it all under control. I didn’t.

The strain made one side of the back work harder to compensate for the other side, causing a severe imbalance that led to a chain of compensating patterns. When getting back on the ice that fall, I soon realized I was extremely ineffective. In opposite to the previous season, I felt weak, slow and inefficient on the ice. I managed to play the whole season, even though I was struggling, A LOT, but during the last month my back couldn’t take it anymore. The constant one sided pressure caused one of the discs to bulge out and cause pressure on the nerves in the spine, causing the same symptoms as a herniated disc. I couldn’t do anything and the pain was constantly there. It was bad.

During these two years I got from feeling awesome to feeling shit. It was not a pleasant experience. But the good thing was that I was able to experience two extremes that gave me valuable insights about how my body works.

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