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It’s now been a little over two weeks after my demos at the NARCh finals in Huntington Beach, CA ended. It was an amazing experience, both on, around and outside the rink.

NARCh in sunny California

Prior to my NARCh (North American Roller hockey Championships) exhibit and demos, we have been focusing on Marsblade being an off ice training tool for ice hockey players. Even though the benefits for roller hockey players are many they have been a bit in the shadow. With that background it was extra interesting to go to NARCh to meet more roller hockey players and get their feedback.

Ben Buium, one of many players that used our demo skates in a game after only testing them for a couple of minutes.

When some players started asking me if they could use our demo skates in their play off games I must say I was very surprised. I just wasn’t expecting that. But it of course made me very happy that they like it so much! Every hockey player knows how weird it can be to try someone else’s skates, and to do it in a play off game, it says a lot. At the end of the tournament seven or eight guys had used our demo skates during a game, and they all loved them.

Jason Krispel playing in NARCh Pro Division used our demo skates in a game and did not want to go back to a regular frame

One of many great stories from NARCh was when a coach came by and asked me if he could borrow a pair of our demo skates. One of his Pro Division players, Jason Krispel, had his skates stolen the night before. I said of course, but it will probably be a bit weird to use it right away in a game… The day after when I came back to the rink the coach came up to me with a big smile on his face and said that Jason loved them and did not want to go back to a regular rigid frame. Some of his comments: “It felt a bit weird at first but after warm ups I was already used to them”. “If you’re accelerating you’re accelerating faster, if you’re skating backwards you’re skating backwards faster and it feels like you can take sharper turns”.

My hosts at my B&B where of course hockey fans. So the demos did not end after leaving the rink.

Life outside the rink in Huntington Beach, was pretty sweet. I stayed at a B&B just 200 meters from the beach. So most nights I laced up my Marsblades and skated down the beach walk and in to the main street to have some dinner. Perfect way to relax and get some exercise. And of course I managed to find a B&B with a Toronto native hockey nerd as host so we did some serious testing some nights.

California is the home of roller hockey and obviously a key market for us. I can’t say I mind :-) I definitely look forward to coming back soon!

Relaxing on the beach

Life of a hockey player in California

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