This is Marsblade

Posted 08-11-20170 comment

Met up with Pro Skate Coach Lars Hepso in Vancouver to hear his thoughts on our new holder. Lars is the Coach of many upcoming NHL stats like Matt Barzal – Islanders, Nic Petan – Jets and Danton Heinen- Bruins. He describes the benefits very well.

This is Marsblade

Posted 25-09-20170 comment

Dusan Kralik is the Power Skating Coach of NHL stars like PK Subban of the Nashville Predators and John Tavares of the NY Islanders. I went to meet up with him in Toronto during the spring to have him test our ice holder to hear his thoughts on them. Check it out!


Posted 19-04-20170 comment

Marcus Johansson joined the test with Niclas Bäckström and tried his skates with the Marsblade holder. As you know it’s usually really strange to use someone else’s skates so the feedback he gives is to me pretty remarkable. I’m excited to get him on the next version mounted on his own skates this summer!


Posted 13-04-20170 comment

Nicklas Backström on our carbon fiber prototype of our Ice Holder, pretty exciting!


Posted 12-04-20170 comment

The Marsblade Ice Holder is getting closer to launch and we are very excited about it! Right now we have a limited series of carbon fiber holders that we have and are testing with a few selected players. Last week I went to Washington for some tests with Niclas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson to let […]

Bjšrklšven - Teg

Posted 28-04-20160 comment

Many years back, during my active career, I had an eye opening experience that lead to a fascination of the capacity of the human body. This made me questioning how most of us hockey players are training to become better. My strong belief is that we are not challenging our technical skills enough, and don’t […]


Posted 13-07-20150 comment

It’s now been a little over two weeks after my demos at the NARCh finals in Huntington Beach, CA ended. It was an amazing experience, both on, around and outside the rink. NARCh in sunny California Prior to my NARCh (North American Roller hockey Championships) exhibit and demos, we have been focusing on Marsblade being […]


Posted 03-07-20150 comment

It is common that many hockey players that have been skating all their lives consider themselves as good skaters and stop or forget to continue to work on their skating technique. They don’t realize that they can take huge steps forward and really improve their skating technique by taking a step back and work on […]


Posted 23-06-20150 comment

To follow up my video about stickhandling I want to here share some more thoughts and background of this video. When playing juniors in Lincoln Stars USHL I had a goalie in my team that always was balancing on big Pilates balls before each practice. I thought that it looked challenging so I started doing […]

This is Marsblade

Posted 18-06-20150 comment

To follow up my video about transitions I want to here share some more thoughts on the subject. Thinking one step ahead and plan your next move can always help you to be more efficient out on the ice. When going into the transition from forwards to backwards you always want to make sure to […]

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