Per Mårs is the inventor and founder of Marsblade and the revolutionary Flow Motion Technology. Per has played elite level hockey and was a third round draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2001 NHL entry draft. As a hockey player Per was always searching for new and innovative training methods to maximize his performance on the ice. The drive to always improve, the knowledge and experience from university studies and elite level hockey laid the foundation for developing Marsblade and Flow Motion Technology.

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The Story Part 1 – The Extremes

Many years back, during my active career, I had an eye opening experience that lead to a fascination of the capacity of the human body. This made me questioning how most of us hockey players are train...


NARCh thoughts and feedback

It's now been a little over two weeks after my demos at the NARCh finals in Huntington Beach, CA ended. It was an amazing experience, both on, around and outside the rink. NARCh in sunny Ca...


Change how you measure success in your hockey training

It is common that many hockey players that have been skating all their lives consider themselves as good skaters and stop or forget to continue to work on their skating technique. They don’t realize...